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When you're ready to start saving energy and money for your business, just follow the steps below to get started today. If you have questions along the way, please contact us to speak with a program representative.

There are three ways for you to start your energy efficiency project: contact a Service Provider, complete an online application, or contact us.

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Your Service Provider will conduct a complementary Quick Energy Check-up (QEC). Next, your Service Provider will work with you on your project. Your project could be anything from a new water heater, air conditioner, freezer, or lighting. To learn more about incentivized energy-efficient equipment and devices, take a look at our Small Business Incentives page.

If you have any questions along the way, please contact us to speak with a program representative.

Already know the energy efficiency upgrades you need? Complete our online form to engage with our Service Provider Network.



Not sure what upgrades you’d like yet? Start by contacting a Service Provider, who can give you a free Quick Energy Check-up

If you have any questions along the way, please contact us to speak with a program representative.

*All energy efficiency upgrades must be installed by an approved Service Provider to be eligible for incentives.

Do you have questions? Get in touch with us first. We can answer your questions and guide you through the process of getting new energy-saving equipment.


Call: 1-866-353-5798 and select option #4

Your time is valuable. To help speed up your call, please have your account information available. Our representatives are experts on the program, and they’re ready to help you today.

Apply to Become an Approved Service Provider?

View Service Provider information and learn how to apply to become an authorized Service Provider.

Approved Small Business Service Providers:

  • Incentive Applications and Forms
    Our applications include information about incentives and eligible measures.

  • Service Provider Downloads and Completes the Project Application Workbook
    Application links are above. Refer to the tabs in the Excel-based document for detailed information, including:
    • Proceed to step two if a Quick Energy Check-Up (QEC) was performed within the last three years.

  • Free Quick Energy Check-up From a Small Business Service Provider
    Our small business Service Providers will install and recommend energy-saving devices during a free Quick Energy Check-up. Once the assessment has been completed, a report will be generated and reviewed directly with the customer. The application must be reviewed and signed by the customer, acknowledging project installation and completion.

  • Program Pre-Approval Required
    Program staff will review the submitted documentation. Once the pre-approval notification has been received by the customer and contractor, the equipment can be purchased and installed.

  • Installation Completed
    The Service Provider will submit the invoice and acknowledgment of project completion. All required paperwork, as detailed in the instruction tab of the application workbook, should be submitted at this time.

  • Incentive Check Distributed
    After final approval, we will distribute the incentive check to the payee as listed in the application within the timeframe indicated on the final approval notification.

For additional Program Resources, visit the Service Provider Job Board and Service Provider Portal.


EmPOWER Maryland programs are funded by a charge on your energy bill. EmPOWER programs can help you reduce your energy consumption and save you money. To learn more about EmPOWER and how you can participate, click here.